Photo digitization PRICING


Photo Scans

Digitization prices vary based on quantity, size and resolution of photographs. This service is batch scanning, and not suitable for high quality reproduction. For high quality, individualized scans, please contact. For quantities smaller than 25 please inquire.


Below prices are for images scanned at 300dpi. Add $0.05/image for 600dpi.

  • 25-150 images, 5" x 7" and smaller -- $.75/scan

  • 151-999 images, 5" x 7" and smaller -- $0.55/scan

  • 1,000+ images, 5" x 7" and smaller -- $0.35/scan

For larger prints, (greater than 5" x 7" and smaller than 8" x 10" ) the price includes 600dpi resolution. Larger than 8" x 10", contact for a quote.

  • Under 150 images, between 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" -- $1.60/scan

  • 150+ images, between 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" -- $1/scan


Film Scans

Premium Scan (fully dusted, color corrected, print ready -- Great for important images that you'd like to look pristine at large scale):

  • Resulting file at 8" x 10” at 300dpi or smaller -- $10

  • Resulting file between 8" x 10” and 16" x 20” at 300dpi -- $25

  • Resulting file at 16" x 20” or larger at 300 dpi -- $45

Standard Scan (large dust removed, basic color corrections, each image ~5” x 7” at 300dpi  -- Great for large quantities of film and for sharing on social media (Add $0.10/scan for ~8” x 10” at 300dpi):

  • 35mm, APS, Film Slides:

    • 1-25 images -- $2.00/scan

    • 26-149 images -- $1.25/scan

    • 150-999 images -- $0.75/scan

    • 1,000+ -- $0.70/scan

  • Medium Format -- $1.50/each image

  • Large Format (4" x 5" up to 8" x 10") -- $4/each image


We are able to remove stains, tears and creases, remake parts of photographs that have been removed, fix badly faded images to restore vibrant colors, and even add color into a photograph that was shot originally in black & white. We can then provide you with the file, or make you a premium photographic inkjet print to replace your damaged one! Because each photograph is unique, please contact us for a quote.


We are pleased to offer high quality inkjet prints! Whether you have slides or negatives that you'd like a print of, or a damaged photo that you want us to repair and reprint, we can do it. For pricing, please check the main pricing page for Color Space Photographic.

File Transfer

We will transfer your files for free using the file transfer system of your choice online (Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.) If you'd prefer a hard copy of the files, we can provide you with an archival DVD ($5), a USB thumb drive ($10/8gb, $15/16gb), or you can provide us with your own for no extra charge.

For more information about the services we provide, please visit our SERVICES page.