digitization services


Photo Scanning

We specialize in scanning your photographs -- family photos, vacation keepsakes, snaps from your wedding, you name it. Color or black & white, big or small, we can provide you with a digital file for social media, slideshows, or to print from. We can even scan the back of your photos if they have important information written or printed onto them. Basic color correction included when necessary. 

Film & Slide Scanning

In addition to scanning photographic prints, we can also produce high resolution scans of your slides and film, negative and positive, any size from APS and 35mm film up to 8" x 10" sheet film, and everything in between! Basic color correction and large dust removal included.


Photo Retouching

Do you have a precious photograph that has a crease, rip or tear in it? That has a chemical stain, or has faded badly? We can digitally restore your damaged images, and even make you a new print to replace the original!

File Flexibility

Our standard format is JPG, making your files the most versatile, usable in social media and any other application you may want your photographs for. That said, we can give you files in whichever format you'd like (PDF, PSD, TIF, etc.) and in whichever color space you'd prefer (sRGB, Adobe RGB 1998, etc.)

We will deliver your files in one of three convenient ways: Through a file transfer service of your choice (WeTransfer, DropBox, Google Drive); on a USB thumb drive (available through us or you can provide your own); or on a DVD. It's your choice!


For rates information, please look at our PRICING page.