Inkjet Prints

Inkjet prints are charged by the square inch. To determine cost, multiply your height x your width (in inches) x the price.

$0.10/sq in (or $14.40/sqft) for customer-provided papers

$0.12/sq in (or $17.28/sqft) for standard photo or matte paper

$0.14/sq in (or $20.15/sqft) for any of our premium photo and matte papers, adhesive fabric (PhotoTex) as well as canvas (contact for a specific list)

Extra white borders may incur a small extra fee; please consult for details.

Some common sizes, and their prices:
(Please note prints 5x7" and smaller are a flat rate of $5 each)


Digital Retouching

All prints receive complimentary file set up and color correction, but sometimes that isn't enough. For more difficult, time-consuming jobs, or to drastically alter an image, we offer retouching services. Our rate is $75/hour in 15 minute increments. Please contact us for a quote for your project.

FILM SCANNING & art documentation

Due to the many variations (size of negative or artwork, desired size of file, setup, travel, turnaround time etc.) please contact us for a quote.